Otrium leads Ecommerce50 of fastest growing e-commerce companies

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After Otrium was voted ‘Best Starter’ of 2018 last year, the online fashion outlet once more won an award at the Shopping Awards this year.

The Shopping Awards are the most prestigious awards for companies in digital commerce. The Ecommerce50 provides insight into the fifty fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands.

The independent research was carried out by consultancy firm EY who, amongst other things, looked not only at revenue growth but at the business model, the capital and financing as well, in order to be able to establish sustainable growth to the best of their abilities.

The top 10 of the Ecommerce50 2019:

1         Otrium

2         SB Supply Europe

3        Brandpreventiewinkel.nl

4         Parkos

5         Tom Omnichannel Management

6         Toppy

7         HelloFresh

8         ChromeBurner

9         Veiligheids-sloten.nl

10       Allgifts

At Otrium you can access the online outlets of many famous and upcoming brands. The online platform was founded by Max Klijnstra and Milan Daniels, who were selected this year for the European edition of the prestigious 30 Under 30 list of the American business magazine Forbes.

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About Otrium

We’re here to unlock the full potential of fashion outlet online. Otrium's full-service marketplace enables fashion brands to open an outlet store with zero effort and all the benefits. Through their Otrium store brands can sell outlet and previous collections to an online community of fashion lovers, while keeping full ownership of all items until sold. By opening a sale channel on Otrium’s online marketplace, brands get faster turnover on their outlet and previous collections, access a fast-growing international shopping community and gather insightful data on their sales and following. We offer a full-priced service on off-priced collections. Our marketplace is brand strengthening and our customers always have a first-class shopping experience.