Online outlet platform Otrium in the "5 hottest startups in the Netherlands"

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The Next Web has mentioned online fashion outlet Otrium in their list of "5 hottest young tech companies from the Netherlands".

In cooperation with payment technology company Adyen, The Next Web went looking for the most promising new start-ups, based on their performance, growth and potential. The top 5 of each country will join the Tech5, a community of the youngest technology companies in Europe and Israel.

In addition to Otrium, The Next Web has also selected Temper, Picnic, Felix & Tiquets as hottest young Dutch start-ups.

At Otrium you can access the online outlets of famous and upcoming brands. The online platform facilitates the complete technology and logistics for the fashion brands so they don’t have to invest into opening an (online) outlet themselves. Thanks to Otrium’s innovative technical and logistical platform, customers get an optimal e-commerce experience.

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Download PDF
About Otrium

We’re here to unlock the full potential of fashion outlet online. Otrium's full-service marketplace enables fashion brands to open an outlet store with zero effort and all the benefits. Through their Otrium store brands can sell outlet and previous collections to an online community of fashion lovers, while keeping full ownership of all items until sold. By opening a sale channel on Otrium’s online marketplace, brands get faster turnover on their outlet and previous collections, access a fast-growing international shopping community and gather insightful data on their sales and following. We offer a full-priced service on off-priced collections. Our marketplace is brand strengthening and our customers always have a first-class shopping experience.