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Otrium receives investment of €750,000 from former Tommy Hilfiger executives and founder Mollie & MessageBird.

The Dutch start-up Otrium has received an investment of €750,000 from Adriaan Mol (Mollie & MessageBird), Fred Gehring (ex-CEO Tommy Hilfiger) and Ludo Onnink (ex-CFO Tommy Hilfiger). In total Otrium raised 1.4 million over the past two years to further scale its fast growing online fashion outlet marketplace. Their ambition is to be the smartest and biggest online fashion outlet in Europe by 2020.

The founders Max Klijnstra (27) and Milan Daniels (26) are making huge steps in increasing their fast growing fashion outlets marketplace. Otrium has hundreds of thousands of members, and partners with international fashion brands. Fred Gehring, Adriaan Mol and Ludo Onnink join several famous names from the internet sector like Hans Veldhuizen (founder Nedstat and Albelli), Marque Joosten and Marijn Pijnenborg (founders Funda), Keadyn and Victor Knaap (founder MediaMonks), who already participate in Otrium.

Fred Gehring (ex-CEO Tommy Hilfiger): “Otrium is the innovative challenger for the fashion outlet industry, which is one of the fastest growing sectors within fashion. The founders Milan Daniels and Max Klijnstra have shown amazing results in the past years. Otrium is a modern and welcome addition to the outlet landscape.”

On Otrium you can gain access to the online outlet of international and upcoming fashion brands. Otrium services the e-commerce technology and logistics for brands, making it possible for brands to open an (online) outlet without investments. Otrium’s innovative platform provides shoppers with an optimal e-commerce experience.  

Milan Daniels of Otrium: “Outlet shopping is a fast growing part of the fashion industry, and we help brands to fully benefit from the potential of outlet. Through our full service marketplace model, fashion brands can open a fully serviced online outlet. For upcoming brands we are often their first possibility to open an outlet, while for larger brands we are an extra channel without any fixed costs.”

With the investment, Otrium can expand to more countries. Currently the online outlet marketplace is active in the Benelux, and later this year their doors will open for more countries. Otrium’s ambition is to be the smartest and largest online fashion outlet in Europe by 2020.  

About Otrium

Our Mission

Tech-enabling designer brands to make sure every item they produce is worn

Our Story

Lots of fashion stays unsold. For the resources that went in and for the people who miss out, it’s such a shame. We’re here to fix this, making sure all clothing is worn.

We tech-enable designer brands to find an owner for every item they produce. We give brands an online outlet channel and digital tools to smartly connect dynamically-priced end-of-season collections with fashion-lovers. Then we give them the data so they can reproduce most-wanted items.

Our app re-imagines outlet shopping helping customers easily find reduced-price gems. We give end-of-season fashion a new start, which is smarter for the wardrobe, smarter for the wallet and smarter for the industry.